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UniversalNet is a Paphos based Wireless Internet Service Provider.

Our goal is to provide quality affordable internet access to the Paphos Area.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry as well as technically qualified staff, we aim to be better, quicker, more reliable and friendlier than our competitors.

UniversalNet uses only high quality, industry standard Ubiquiti antennas to ensure our customers receive the best possible signals and internet speeds.

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Fast, Stable internet

Our high speed connection to the internet enables us to provide a quality service to all our customers

  • 24 Hours Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Contract & No Deposit
  • No Telephone Line Required
  • Disconnect/Reconnect - No Charge
  • Low Equipment Costs
  • Guaranteed Speeds

Choose the plan that's best for you

We cater for all customers with speeds from 9 Mbps to 20 Mbps at prices you can’t beat

Download / Upload 
9Mbps       3Mbps 

1 Month (€17.00)

12 Months (€170.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

Download / Upload 
11Mbps      4Mbps 

1 Month (€20.00)

12 Months (€200.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

1 Month (€23.00)
Download / Upload 
13Mbps       5Mbps


12 Months (€230.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

1 Month (€26.00)
Download / Upload 
15Mbps       6Mbps

12 Months (€260.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

1 Month (€30.00)
Download / Upload 
18Mbps       7Mbps

12 Months (€300.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

1 Month (€35.00)
Download / Upload 
20Mbps      10Mbps

12 Months (€350.00)
10 months PAID
+ 2 months FREE

(all prices are including VAT)

Equipment & Installation Costs

New customers to UniversalNet require equipment to be installed.

This includes the equipment detailed here and has a cost of €140 for the equipment and installation.


  • If you are not the property owner, then please ensure you have permission to install an antenna

Installed Equipment

UniversalNet will install the following equipment;

  • 1 Gbps Antenna on the roof of your property
  • All necessary Cabling from the antenna down to a room in your property 
  • 300 Mbps Wireless Router with 4 Ethernet Ports
All equipment is guaranteed for a period of 2 years.

4 reasons to choose universalnet


A range of internet speeds from a basic 4Mbps to a more robust 14Mbps, to fit most needs and pockets.


High quality service from experienced professionally qualified technicians.


Competitive package pricing and FREE transfer from your existing provider.


No contract.
Pay monthly as you go either online or to a local bank.

already a customer of another wireless company?

Not a problem!

UniversalNet - Home 1

Free Transfer** from another provider

If you are a customer of another wireless internet provider then we offer a FREE TRANSFER** from your existing provider to UniversalNet

** Free transfer – Conditions apply as below

  1. Antenna must be securely installed on the roof of  your building
  2. Cabling must be installed from the antenna down to your residence
  3. Wireless Router needs to be installed (with ethernet ports if required)

If any of the above are missing then UniversalNet can supply and install these items – costs will be incurred.

We are here to help You out!

Call us today to help get you set up and connected